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Thai Yoga Fusion Massage Training


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Thai Yoga Fusion Massage™ is powerful full body treatment blending traditional Thai Yoga Massage with oils based deep tissue work on the back and shoulders. It brings together techniques from both the East and West in a fusion that meets contemporary needs. Learn how to give a full Fusion Massage on this 7 day training course.

The Fusion Massage course that Spike runs is a fantastic hands on learning experience that takes place in a wonderfully safe and supportive environment. Spike is a thorough and attentive teacher whose vast amount of experience and knowledge within yoga and massage creates an engaging stimulating course which not only gives you confidence in your practice, but as you give and receive the massage each week, it also takes you on a transformative journey of the self.” Laura Maidment, singer & musician.

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The rationale of Thai Yoga Fusion Massage™

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage places more emphasis on leg massage, which met the needs of a traditional culture where people were standing and moving all day, whether in fields or walking long distances. Modern city life has different postural strains, with many people sitting for hours at computer keyboards, focused on computer screens. Therefore contemporary body tension is often located in the back and shoulders.  Fusion Massage is designed to give a balanced full body massage, to re-align the musculo-skeletal system and to release muscular tension specifically in the back and shoulders.

Why Do A Thai Yoga Fusion Massage™ Course?

  • Learn a powerful form of bodywork with ancient roots and contemporary relevance
  • Get an IPTI validated massage qualification
  • Gain a flexible skill you can earn from straight away

Who is this Thai Yoga Fusion Massage™ Course For?

  • Beginners hoping to start a career in bodywork, or simply wanting to discover nourishing ways to connect with a partner, friends or family
  • Yoga or massage practitioners and other therapists who want to develop new skills
  • Anyone interested in massage, energy work or healing therapies

Thai Yoga Fusion Massage™ pre-course requirements

  • Physical ability to work on the floor
  • Interest in bodywork

By the end of the 7 day course (or 5 days if you learn one to one) you will be able to give a full body massage using combined Thai Yoga Massage and deep tissue techniques. After the course those wishing to practice professionally will need to complete 15 case studies and pass a practical and a written theory assessment. You will then be able to apply for insurance through IPTI. There is great scope to combine the techniques creatively with other modalities to enhance your career.

Course Dates: Contact Spike to enquire about upcoming dates.
Venue: Victoria Park Village, London E9.
Course Fee: £595 each for two people learning together, £750 for one person learning alone, including 34-page course handbook and oils.
Non-refundable deposit: £200. Payable at the time of booking.
Assessment fee: £80. Payable at the time of taking the assessment.

To Enquire or Enrol

Contact Spike Warwick via the contact page on this website.