Thai Herbal Compress

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Thai Herbal Compress

Experience a freshly prepared, hot Thai herbal compress as part of your Thai or deep tissue massage. Great after a cough or cold. Some of the ingredients are bought in especially for you, so you may need to book in advance – just ask. Scroll down the page for more info on hot Thai herbal compresses.

‘I felt so fresh after receiving a Thai herbal compress treatment, and more deeply relaxed than I’ve felt for months’. – DW, Hackney

Thai herbal compress massageThe powerful combination of heat and medicinal herbs in a Thai herbal compress helps to relax your muscles as well as reducing aches and pains. At intervals throughout your massage the steamed, hot compresses are applied to your body at a perfect temperature for maximum benefit. They can be applied through clothing, as the herbal steam will easily penetrate natural fibres such as cotton or rayon, or they can be applied directly onto your skin, or a combination, as you prefer. Herbal compresses are used in Thailand to treat sprains, pain, bruises and soreness as well as to balance the body, release energy blockages and speed the healing of scars.

Spike prepares her own compresses, so you can be sure the natural ingredients are of a high quality with no artificial additives, and tailored to your needs. Each compress includes a mix of fresh ginger, eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint, with additions such as camphor or a dab of essential oils to suit you. The herbs are mixed by hand and bound in cotton cloth, and then steamed until they release their oils and beneficial properties. The hot compress is applied to your body, and you can also inhale the vapours during the treatment – great for colds, coughs or sinus problems!

If you would like to take your bag of herbs home after your massage to use as a bath infusion or a herbal loofah in the shower, just request it, this is free of charge.

More information on Traditional Thai Herbal Compress Treatments with Spike

Thailand has a rich tradition of herbal medicine that has developed over many thousands of years. Within the Thai healing tradition, hot herbal compresses are often used alongside Thai massage to stimulate, relax, detoxify or otherwise treat the client. Spike completed a 20-hour accreditation in using Thai Herbal Compresses with Bob Haddad, Founder of Thai Healing Alliance International. You can choose the addition of a Thai herbal compress to complement either a traditional Thai massage or a deep tissue massage.

Ingredients in your freshly hand-prepared herbal compress:


Used among hill tribe people in Thailand for sprains, bruises and sore muscles; an essential ingredient in Thai herbal compresses.


Great for sore muscles. Also used as a remedy for colds, sinus and lung problems, coughs and asthma, also for skin infections.


Ginger is one of the most important ingredients in Thai medicine. It is used as an effective anti-inflammatory, digestion aid, and treatment for chronic back pain as well as many other maladies. In the compress the ginger fibres and juices act as a transmitter for the medicinal properties of the other herbs, and imparts a fabulous aroma.


Peppermint is a common treatment for stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety, and other stress related conditions such as exhaustion and headaches. It has a stimulating effect on the skin, and the peppermint vapour released from the hot compress is delightful.

(Information on the properties of Thai herbs edited and summarised from ‘Thai Medicinal Herbs & their Use in Massage and Thai Healing Arts’ by Bob Haddad, RTT).